Pasadena abandoned asylum

Legend has it that a teenage girl wearing a blue dress haunts the middle window at the top of the tower. A mysterious fire completely destroyed the inside and charred the outside of KEA milling. .. The staff will get phone calls coming from unoccupied rooms; on the other end of the phone is pure silence. Even when staff go to check on the rooms, they will still be empty. In the North Annex, footsteps, voices, and banging sounds are commonly heard despite no one else. Nic continues to dig into his dreams, Paul from the Cult of Tanis has some advice, and some old work logs from Pacifica Station tell a familiar story. These olive groves sit at the bottom of the Ortega mountains off of Grand Ave. There have been numerous sightings of a woman running away from someone or something and hiding behind olive trees. The place has been olive groves for many years but also a fire destroyed. This restaurant is set in a building that was once the 1797 home of Miguel Yorba as well as the town's court and jail, built in 1812. The former jail, in which currently stands the restaurant's wine cellar, is said to be haunted by a ghost. The apparition of a. Nic learns that the myth of Tanis might not be as dormant as he first believed, as he discovers a contemporary mystery, just as strange and terrifying as anything in Tanis's murky and cryptic past. This building once was residence to homeless people and drug addicts; it is said that several deaths have occurred here. A ghostly little boy and a woman (believed to be his mother) have both been seen here. The Haunted Whaley House, Old Town, San Diego, California: A History and Guide to the Most Haunted House in America. In the first episode of Tanis, our host, Nic Silver, wonders if the Internet age might contain one last great mystery, an ancient myth known as "Tanis." His exploration into the enigmatic Tanis begins by asking the seemingly simple question, what is it? The answers, he soon discovers, are far more complicated. One of the former owners, Ysidora, is said to be here and could possibly be the reason people hear crying the chapel. A male figure has also been seen on the grounds and might possibly have been the skeleton discovered hidden within these walls during a renovation in the 1970's. Cara Knott was a bright and beloved woman murdered by a corrupt police officer named Craig Alan Peyer. Since her death, a memorial has been started parallel to the 15 Freeway with many markers for other tragic deaths. A very high psychic energy is felt here and EVP's and high. TANIS - EPISODE 301 "Frances Manners' Place in the Woods". TANIS - EPISODE 410 "Nobody Can Send Me a Letter". Nic and Meerkatnip discover a large number of strange events seem to occur within one very specific region of the Pacific Northwest, Mogran Miller brings us one step closer to the Cult of Tanis, and Nic visits Raywood, Washington, a mysterious ghost town where a large number of TEENren went missing in the early eighties. Some witnesses have said that when they touched the trees in Fallbrook Masonic Cemetery, they felt a hot surge of energy. TANIS - EPISODE 309 "The Taskers, the Smallwater, and Lovecraft's Friend". Sam Reynolds' condition deteriorates further, Mogran reveals more about Pacifica, and MK's research into the Cult of Tanis and the Ancient myth of Eld Fen bring Nic closer to Haidagurl, and perhaps, one step closer to finding Tanis. The ghost of a deer named Lucy is reported here. It is also said that this location was used for Satanic rituals and ghosts of hooded figures have been seen near the walls. In the Season Two finale, Nic continues to try and find Geoff and decipher the mysteries of both the Poeticon Astronomicon and the Voynich Manuscript, before his meeting with Veronika, Nathanial Carter and whatever mysteries lie at the center of Tanis. Nic looks into something mysterious known as The Catalyst, MK reads an alchemical poem, and Cameron Ellis provides more information on certain entities potential agendas regarding the area he refers to as The Breach. Haunted San Diego: A Historic Guide to San Diego's Favorite Haunts. Haunted Hollywood: Tinseltown Terrors, Filmdom Phantoms, and Movieland Mayhem.